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View Textile Magazine 143 out now

View Textile Magazine is a trend magazine that with a fantastic working tool for everyone, who is a purchaser, designer or salesman within the fashion industry.


Design and Lifestyle for the World of Fashion and Fabrics

Once an old maxim said - “If you want a job done well, do it yourself”. Conflict, inflation, recession, energy crisis, massive inequality, climate change … who’s dealing with all this? These days it seems like no one is taking responsibility, not even the politicians, bankers, economists, and institutions that are meant to run our world.

It is time to focus on empowering ourselves, to take charge of our own destinies and wellbeing in body, mind, heritage, family, community, identity, self- expression, survival – and even the metaverse. This is about self-care and self-expression, embracing not just the curative properties of our surroundings and homes, but also their healing properties – and the expressive powers of our clothes.

The inspiration section is arguing whether : “Putting your heart into your actions might sound poetic and sweet, but it is not. It is, instead, an effort of determination and power to change the status quo, to challenge business as usual with constructive anger and consistency. It is to stand still and focus while listening to that inner voice that is always right and comes directly from our heart.”


The new magazine 143 CONTENTS:


The future of making

Look at me. Today, creators are dressing a generation in search of empowerment, engaged in making and shaping both fashion and life itself.

A visual essay

Chiron Duong. In a world where the transition into adulthood can often feel like navigating a labyrinth, Chiron has harnessed the power of photography to offer a healing solution.

The future of design directions 

All India Permit & Bonne Suits in a meaningful collaboration reviving tradition, preserving culture, and fostering connection through fashion and art.


Contemporary A/W 24/25


Fabric headlines

All the news from the textile industry plus an interview with Piero Giachi from Jackytex.


Womenswear styling, fabrics, knits, and accessories

Time and place! Our world proves to be an ever-changing domain. Fashion continues to be a weatherglass to this unrest, shifting and responding as ongoing challenges present themselves.



Menswear styling, colours, suitings, knits and shirtings

What is the essence of fashion now? Bringing expressive beauty to the everyday with considered design.­


Casual & Athleisure A/W 24/25


Fabric headlines

All the news from the casual, athleisure and denim business plus an interview with Arnaud Ruffin, The Lycra Company.


Casual, athleisure and denim concepts, fabrics, and accessories

The personal self-expression that designers instil into their designs is more pronounced and meaningful than it has ever been.



 Mystical connections – the everlasting search for a deeper meaning is more than ever relevant in every aspect of our lives



COVER: Chiron Duong

In the magazine you will get trend forecasts for 24 months ahead and trends for the current season. You will get the newest trends within colours, materials, styling, designs, sketches, catwalks for the upcoming season. You will get inspiration and lots of trend information for men’s fashion, women fashion and young fashion in this magazine.

View Textile Magazine also contains small reports about the textile industry from big trend agencies. You will therefore get lots of information for your development op your collection and products.

The textile magazine is 280 pages and are released four times a year.