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WeAr magazine is a leading trade publication in the fashion and textile industry, providing insights into emerging trends, designers, brands, and markets. Founded in 1999, the publication has established itself as a trusted source of information for professionals in the fashion industry, including buyers, retailers, designers, and manufacturers.

WeAr magazine is a high-class magazine for fashion and retail design. Couture meets causual wear, a symbiosis of art and fashion. In the magazine you will find visual information instead of long texts and facts instead of personal opinions. The reader will gain insight into the world's most interesting collections, shops and market news in the fashion, shoes and accessories industry, in the luxury segment, supplemented with trend reports from the largest metro poles in the world and with lots of pictures from trade fairs, the latest news, contact information, interviews, technical discussions and tips. The best in concentrated form.

The focus is on visual reports on: Interesting shops, showrooms, design of shop windows, shop equipment, presentation of goods.

First-class photos of shows and the latest news from the world's most important trade fairs. Trend reports from the capitals, people, companies, lifestyle. Photos of collections and trends. Art and the spirit of the times shape the content of each issue, the artistic cover, and the graphic design. The visual information is clear and understandable, vivid, and professional. Texts and interviews on the most important topics are short and precise. They benefit the reader because they convey information that drives sales growth and business success.

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