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Trendhouse Youth Life Style AW 24/25

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Trendhouse Youth Life Style AW 24/25

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New! Trendhouse Youth Life Style AW 24/25

The trendbook is one of the most relevant on the market today, as it looks at the lifestyle and design ambitions in a unique way, that Generation Z consumers possess.

The Trendhouse book is a guide for anyone looking for a design or marketing strategy across multiple industries that rely on the highly independent, powerful, and influential generation.

You can expect clear and precise instructions in the inspiring Trendhouse Youth Life Style AW 24/25, as the book is built on valid analysis. In addition, the book gives you easy tools that you can use for your design strategy.


The book contains:

Overall, the trendbook is structured around 5 different trend themes.

  • After each theme, there is a clear summary that highlights the five biggest design trends
  • In each theme, lifestyle trends and news appears to help inspire you
  • Images that illustrate the visuals of the biggest trends and tendencies
  • Color overview and color combinations for each trend theme
  • Illustrated materials and textures are part of the themes, which can be felt physically
  • Overview of how design philosophies can be included in the various compositions of clothing


The book is in English.

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