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Trendhouse Casualwear & Athleisure AW 25/26

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NEW!  Trendhouse Casualwear & Athleisure AW 25/26

Casualwear & Athleisure is the trend book that contains the biggest trends and tendencies within casual wear and athleisure.

The global market for sports and sports-inspired clothing is constantly growing, and we still have great focus and growth in health and outdoor socializing, which has made casual clothing the preferred clothing. The fashion of the future is hybrid with comfort as the absolute biggest driving force…


You can expect clear and precise instructions in this inspiring book, as the book is built on careful analysis. In addition, the book gives you easy tools that you can use for your design strategy.


The book contains:

  • Five different trend themes
  • After each theme, a clear summary is drawn up that highlights the five biggest trends
  • Each theme illustrates the choice of fabric, graphics, prints, what the theme is influenced by and pictures that illustrate the biggest trends and tendencies.
  • Color overview and color combinations with Pantone references in both TCX and TPM, so you ensure a uniform color communication
  • Removable color samples of 10 * 10 cm, which you can advantageously bring to your suppliers or work with across departments.
  • Activation code that gives access to a complete digital version of the trend book, where you can download the images from the trend book and use for your own inspiration process.

The book is in English.


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