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Are you interested in the latest retail trends to watch in the coming years?

Now you can access this webinar with 2 Trendexperts. English webinar with pej gruppen's Director, Louise Byg Kongsholm, and TrendStefan.

Many changes are occurring in the world and consumer behaviour has become increasinly complex. This new normal creates challenges, but fortunately, it also brings opportunities. In this webinar, you will gain insights into some of the most significant changes that are affecting both society at large and consumers in particular. Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to gain insights from the most experienced professionals in consumer behavior and trend forecasting.


Louise Byg Kongsholm

will explore the zeitgeist and megatrends amidst turbulent times. With a keen eye for detail, she offers profound insights into consumer behavior and market dynamics. Recognized for her adeptness in pinpointing and analyzing trends across various domains including fashion, interior design, food, and retail, Louise is highly regarded for her ability to connect overarching societal shifts with precise market alterations and consumer preferences. Her unique perspective makes her a coveted speaker and consultant, bridging the gap between macro-level trends and micro-level impacts.

The webinar will also include a brief introduction to the methods and terminology in trend forecasting, so that attendees can distinguish between micro and megatrends and envision themselves as trend spotters in their own right.

The webinar is a combination of societal analysis, trend forecasting and colour indication. Focus will be on 2024 and 2025 and will be a complete package for anyone interested in the spirit of the times, trends, and consumer behavior.


Stefan Nilsson

will discuss the imperative for change. In the wake of the pandemic and recession, we seek elements that embody the new era. Humor, joy, and engaging projects resonate deeply with us. Consider how Camp-store redefines retail through enjoyment, or how the beauty brand Happy Paul aims to cultivate happiness both internally and externally. Even Iittala suggests veering away from “fine dining” in favor of playfulness. This presentation will delve into emerging sustainability practices, innovative color schemes, and the prevalence of nostalgia worldwide. Nostalgia permeates everything from our culinary choices to our selection of accommodations. We’ll explore concepts like Eclectic Grandpa and grandma-core.

Gain inspiration and practical insights on how your brand or design approach can navigate these themes

This webinar is a 2-hour intensive trend update