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Trend Union Trends & Textiles - GENDERING SS 23

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Trend Union Trends & Textiles - Gendering SS 23

The complete trend tool on general trends and tendencies from trend expert Li Edelkoort.

The new term "gender" aims to predict another era in society and culture, in which multiple gender identities and related concerns are expressed, in a radically renewed view of what has been written and thought about gender in the past. Change of rules. Recently, the state of Washington began allowing X gender markers on official documents with a law stating that: X = a gender that is not exclusively male or female, including, but not limited to, intersex, agendas, amalgamations, androgynous, bigender, demigender , woman-to-man, genderfluid, genderqueer, maleto-female, neutrois, nonbinary, pangender, third sex, transgender, transsexual, two spirits and unspecified.

The new term gender aims to predict a different era in society and culture, where more gender identities and related concerns emerge in a radically renewed view of what has previously been written and thought about gender. Fluency and harmony go hand in hand, looking for a beautiful balance in our clothing and culture.


Trend Union Trends and textiles is a trend book about the general trends and tendencies for the latest season ss 23.

The trendbook covers all the season's approaches to trends, colors and textiles.

This trend book addresses the entire value chain of a business. Here, design, purchasing, production, sales and marketing can use this trend book as a guideline in their product development.

The trend book contains trend stories with inspiring texts, mood pictures, beautiful photographs, patterns, colors dyed in cotton material and material samples.

This large and beautiful trend book provides a specific, commercial and unique insight into the latest season spring / summer 2023