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Trend Union Trends & Textiles AW 25/26 - PARIS

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Trend Union Trends & Textiles - PARIS

The complete trend tool on general trends and tendencies from trend expert Li Edelkoort.




"Is it a gamble to predict that the trend will be Paris?

I engage with pleasure and confidence since fragments of inspiration can already be felt, becoming more and more apparent and proving without a doubt that this city, with her magical neighborhoods and iconic monuments, will be the shining star in the years to come.

First trips for teens are on the rise while shopping weekends amongst girlfriends have become a ritual. Lovers of all ages continue to choose the capital. Tasting Paris has become essential. By metro and especially on foot, to scope out the differences, find the impossible, encounter street music and enjoy the show.

My friends from the four corners of the world meet up here, with coffees and croissants a must. Bars, bistros and pastry chefs have changed little or nothing. A star city where baguettes have spawned bags and small rats our ballerinas, where little dresses remain black and capes return, where streetwear gains in elegance, or the bicycle makes dresses fly away. Eroticism is omnipresent in a gesture, a tone of voice or a sudden sigh. Sexy voices count in France.

The luxury fashion shows take place on the bridges of Paris, the banks of the Seine, under the Eiffel Tower, and in Salons to give a universal character to the clothes. To embrace the moment of the event, fashion shows in the City of Lights broadcast the image of the desirable yet classic setting, streaming it millions of times. Because the secret of Paris’ great comeback lies in her tradition. When all other cities have modernized, connected, and concentrated their efforts in search of multiple novelties, such as designer hotels, fusion restaurants, incredible buildings, collaborative workplaces, and surrealist libraries, Paris refused to share in this crazy growth and fads, instead staying true to herself. Unnovation is the Parisian motto.

However, Paris did not remain with closed arms but was to integrate her own new ideas. The city invented the concept store and focused on creating new art venues; culture is more than ever in the spotlight and the city hosts various iconic museums founded on the great fortunes of luxury. Hotels have become palaces, their bars are opulent and pastries single-product sensations. Paris has never stopped banking on true luxury which undoubtedly stands out from the bling of other cities. Phew, we are saved from the worst!

Nightclubs nowadays become fluid and reflect the diversity of the city’s inhabitants. Flea markets continue to bring together everything from collars and corsets to modern furniture. Her boutiques are different in their selection from other cities; one must after all be able to sense an air of Paris, even if the fashion comes from Italy or the United States. Creative workshops are springing up like mushrooms and vegetable vendors defend themselves as true vestiges of the terroir. The city’s gardens are the fields that belong to everyone and everything, the Jardin des Plantes itself a memory of the beginning of time. In the faubourgs, which have been transformed into venues for design, handcraft is preserved by the return of the artisanal movement.

IN SHORT! Paris has bet on its longevity by introducing a slow movement of gradual change. And at this very difficult moment in time, with so many doubts and such immense pain, suddenly the city pampers us, comforts us, and seduces us. Thanks to Paris, fashion returns to the standards of easy elegance and a just spirit, to inspire us to live more simply."

— Lidewij Edelkoort


Trend Union Trends & Textiles Autumn / Winter 2025-2026 is a trend book about the general trends and tendencies for the latest season. The trend book covers all the season's approaches to trends, colors and textiles.

This book addresses the entire value chain of a business. Here, design, purchasing, production, sales and marketing can use this trend book as a guideline in their development.

The trend book contains trend stories with inspiring texts, mood pictures, beautiful photographs, patterns, colors dyed in cotton material and material samples.

This large and beautiful trend book provides a specific, commercial and unique insight into the latest season.


The trend book is published in a limited edition of 250 pieces. and produced and printed in Paris.

Trend Union Trends is published twice a year, AW in the spring and SS published in the autumn.


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