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Trend Union The great migration - a romantic rural revolution SS 23

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The great migration


A brand new trend book from Li Edelkoort SS 23


a romantic rural revolution


“The year 2020 will remain in the history books as a moment of profound change in people's lives. After several shutdowns of working from home, endless Zoom sessions and children being educated online, life suddenly became free from place and one could stay where one wanted as long as wifi was available. As a result, a large migration from urban to rural areas took place, leaving city centers in favor of village squares. Students went back to their parents' homes, researchers settled in country residences, and Sabbath times were planned on remote islands. Airbnb developed a more permanent housing program and hotels protected stranded travelers. From Tokyo to Paris, New York and Melbourne, young families and old couples bought or rented country homes at incredible speed, often over the phone when there was so little housing left ...


That migration has now become a shift in society to reckon with, where expensive and cramped city apartments are exchanged for houses, farms and more spacious attics in secondary cities, towns and regions. To bring culture and sophistication to the country in a hybrid movement, between the casual and the creative, spanning fashion, food, crafts and interiors. Whether it serves as a weekend getaway or permanent residence, this move to the outdoors will have major consequences for work, life and happiness.

A clever new style is being developed, born from the hybridization of urban and country clothing, of antique and innovative textiles, of vintage and contemporary patterns, of rustic and modern interiors. One can not exist without the other: the dress must be homely and stylish, work clothes must be authentic and avant-garde, loungewear and bedding are cozy and creative, and cocktail clothes are mixed casually with couture. Family heirlooms are mixed with farmers' furniture and modernist finds.

A strong romantic vibe dominates these new lifestyles with decorative elements and historical quotes, perfectly absorbed by a contemporary mentality. Learn from streamed period series, gardening and cooking.


Styling these different elements together becomes the true new fashion direction, where personalities are formed by informed choices, taken from past and present to predict our future. ”

- Lidewij Edelkoort