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Trend Union The Future Of Luxury 2025

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Trend Union Luxury Book 2025

A brand new trend book by Li Edelkoort on Luxury for the next 5 years.

The trend expert Li Edelkoort manifests how we will glorify Mother Earth in the future and how we will see the earth as our role model with lifestyle and color trends going forward to the year 2025. Through the beautiful trend book, we will be challenged on our how to think materials, and how we think about recycling, in the making of our new design collections.

Even before you open the big trend book, you know that the details in this trendbook is very special. It targets all high end luxury brands, as well as design and technology companies

The white trend book, with the large silk bow forms the case for the colors of the future. This luxury book is packed with lots of extra materials and fabric samples that will last for years to come. Ready to be unfolded on the workbench where it can be felt, felt, scented and combined in various quality designs.

The beautiful images and samples give you the feeling of being present in the strange and quirky world of Li Edelkoort. Filled with beautiful artistry, beautiful colors and long-standing lifestyles, you will be able to use this trend book in your designs until season 2025.

Her complex yet simple way to create and show us trends and colors makes the book the perfect trend tool that gives you and your business the best conditions to stay ahead of the colors, prints and physical materials of the future.

Trend Union Luxury Book 2025 provides both inspiration and reflection on how we as designers, buyers, managers and, not least, as humans, must and must take responsibility for the environment with long-lasting designs that will appear in our homes and clothing in many decades ahead.

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