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Trend Union Colours - Crafting Colour SS 24

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Trend Union Trends & Colors Spring/Summer 2024 - Crafting Colour

We have been discussing craftsmanship for several seasons and have seen a gentle and gradual strengthening in the fashion market. Now it seems something else is happening. It feels like a paradigm shift from the industrial to the crafted, from the serial to the unique and from the fast to the slow; sometimes exasperatingly slow, which is a new way to test our patience.

We see a provocation of a different way of thinking about fashion. Stitches are thought of first, then let all other ideas fall into place at their own pace.

Recent experiences during the prolonged lockdown and its aftermath have revealed how much people need to make things and use their hands to find the ultimate meaning of their existence.

The lack of materials has also instructed a new generation of textile and fashion graduates to imagine designs with whatever they can fit into their image, using natural dyes to dye old scraps, crocheting and weaving to create volume, repair and embroidery to transfer paper, cardboard, old fibers and recycled plastics in the process.

Entering a moment of great disruption, moving, quitting jobs, choosing isolation and redirecting one's life - in a time of great crises that includes war, a sick economy, great shortages of goods, old and new viruses and the most daunting issue of all, our environment, craft is therefore proposed not only as the adornment it brings, but more as the way it can heal and construct, alleviate pain and encourage happiness by creating beauty.

Trend Union believes that creating beauty is a form of activism, so this trend book is a manifesto for survival in the worst of times.

With this trend book, you will get a specific, commercial and unique insight into the newest season SS 2024.

This trend book is a tool that is particularly popular within many trend-setting design companies, as it offers artistic and abstract inspiration - which therefore also gives new results in your designs.