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Trend Union Colours AW 24/25 - SWADDELING

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Trend Union Trends & Colours Autumn/Winter 2024/2025 - Swaddeling

In a time of war, recession, energy crisis, pandemic and global warming, the design and fashion world reacts by going into protective mode. There is a great focus on health, and you wrap yourself in comfortable soft materials that protect the individual. Usually, when babies are born, they are most often swaddled, as it calms them down and creates a sense of security after the cramped space in the womb. In the same way, the fashion industry styles knitwear in autumnal shades as clothing from head to toe. The need for comfortable design is the hug that most people need from others during a difficult time, and the idea is to comfort themselves as well as feel protected. Layer upon layer of different fibers in one outfit will also become a new way to express diversity, and people will use multiple sweaters, cardigans, and pieces of fabric to be tied and rolled into, which is a new process in styling outfits. The coloring book "Swaddeling" is a general color chart which gives an indication of the overall shades of the autumn and winter season, which add up to robustness and reliability.


With this trend book you will get a specific, commercial, and unique insight into the latest season AW 24/25.

This trend book is a tool that is particularly popular with many trend-setting design companies, as it offers artistic and abstract inspiration - which therefore also gives new results in your designs.