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THJS Cover AW 20/21

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THJS Cover AW 20/21
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THJS Cover AW 20/21

THJS Cover has 12,5-year anniversary in this edition of the trendbook.
The two acknowledged trend researchers and interior experts Titia Huisman and Joke Scholtalbers stands behind this book.

THJIS is the ideal working tool for you, who works with the development and the production of interior and house decorations. This inspiring book is known for its Scandinavian look, setup and details.

In this jubilee edition you will get an extra gift in the form of a detailed explanation of the design aspects of THJS, which you can download through a link in the book. This edition of the trendbook will also show you several style guidance for each colour charts in the book, that are combined differently under each sub theme.
Overall you will get the newest trends and tendencies for AW 20/21 with this book.

The trendbook contains:

  • An analyzing and explaining intro theme of the tendencies
  • Six main themes with three subthemes under each theme
  • Inspiration for colours
  • Colour combinations
  • Lots of ideas and inspiration for materials, structures, designs, textures and patterns for the season.
  • Material samples: illustrations, that exclusively have been taken of the publishers, the products, textiles, paper material, tree, ceramic, metal, technic, decoration and patterns
  • Prints

The trendbook are released two times a year. In the book you can find a link, in where you can download PDF files for the different themes, so you can get copyright-free patterns.

If you would like a presentation of the usefulness, value and possibilities with this trendbook. Please contact us at tel.: 9711 8900 or at mail:

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