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Trend Bible The Future of Celebration 2023 Forecast (E-book)

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Celebration 2023 Forecast

Trend Bible The Future of Celebration 2023 Forecast

Understand what’s driving the consumer mood and how this will influence the future of celebration & occasion trends in 2023.

Each trend theme is this E-book includes analysis of shifting behaviours and an exploration of theme, colour and product direction across decoration, gift, greetings, florals and food & drink.

Immerse yourself in the narrative. Understand the key moments for your future customer. The mood page for each trend includes key words that help to describe the essence of the story.


A sense of recovery and rebuilding continues to be an important driver for 2023. The focus on self and collective mental health sees celebrations take on a more care freeapproach with an appreciation for the process and thelittle everyday wins. Acceptance and appreciation of new families and human differences are celebrated, setting the tone for authentic all inclusive events. Reaching the highest version of self provides new opportunities to elevate celebrations and gifting to new levels. Consumers seek out ways to connect with the universe and elevate their spirituality in all aspects of life.


What’s inside the Celebration Forecast?

Digestible trend drivers: Our experts provide the key information behind our unique celebration and occasion trends for 2023. They provide evidence of what drives change, helping you understand the meaning behind them.

Three unique trends: Our three trends provide comprehensive design direction across colour, shape, material, motif, typography, print and pattern.

Colour direction: Our forecast includes 7 PANTONE® referenced colours for each of the 3 trends.

Pattern, illustration & type direction: Each trend provides creative direction across type, editorial, pattern and illustration; an essential head start for copywriters and print designers developing paper goods, stationery and craft ranges.

Digital content library: JPEG files for all copyright protected images featured in the trends, for your reference and digital colour swatch downloads.

Trend editor walk-through video: Watch on demand and get deeper insight behind the key celebration and occasion trends for 2023 in our Trend Editor walkthrough video.


“It’s always so exciting to receive the latestTrend Bible book, as it’s such a treasure troveof inspiring ideas. Offering a glimpse into thefuture expectations of consumers, it helps usdevelop concepts inspired by the textures,patterns, colours, and images in the book.The highlighted themes, which set the tonefor a season, are also such a helpful tool for uswhen creating names for newly created productranges. In an uncertain world, Trend Bible givesus confidence, a framework to work with, andsome great ideas!”

Helen Armstrong, - Creative Director, Apsley Australia