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Do you need inspiration for the coming seasons?

On this page you will find a large selection of trend books, trend magazines, trend reports, coloring books and print books, divided by season. Easily find the latest season for your product development or collection development. If you want inspiration and working tools for your products for autumn/winter or spring/summer, you can quickly, easily, and safely find the product you are looking for here.

In addition, you can find fantastic work tools and new inspiration for your trend products within the interior industry and the fashion industry. We can offer products that focus on baby, children's, men's, sports, or women's fashion as well as products with a focus on furniture, interiors and furnishings. On this page, there is also plenty of opportunity to find products that focus on a specific style or item. We offer tools and inspiration for accessories, jackets, outerwear, knitwear, shirts, t-shirts, tops, sportswear, leisurewear, blouses, dresses, denim and more for autumn/winter and spring/summer.

In some of the books you will find color charts and color combinations with reference to the Pantone® system, so you can easily find the exact color shown in the book. This ensures better communication between you and your supplier, as each individual color is marked with a Pantone® number. You also get physical material samples in some of the books, which makes it easy and convenient for you to send color samples to your supplier or to use in your product development.

Also find trends, trends, inspiration images and more in many of the books, which give you a fantastic overview of the season, whether it's AW or SS you're looking for trend material, inspiration, and work tools for. Find a large selection of the popular and recognized fireplace trend books and coloring books on this page. Find here colors and trends that are based on over 80 years of experience. See, among other things, pej colour, which is Europe's most used coloring book. The pej trend books are aimed at both the interior industry and the fashion industry.

Find trend books, trend magazines, print books, coloring books and color charts from, among others, Trend Bible, ColoRush, Nelly Rodi, Trendhouse, Color Essence, THJS, pej trend and much more.