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Webinar - Retail with Purpose: The ethical and sustainable future of retail

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Retail with Purpose - the ethical and sustainable future of retail

Webinar duration: 47 minutes (in English)

Lecturer: Matthew Brown


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The future of retail will increasingly be about ‘values’ as well as ‘value’. Whether its fashion or interior, consumers want brands with authenticity and integrity, so retailers need to develop and communicate a wider purpose that goes beyond merely selling product.


Retail is at the sharp end of many of the world's most pressing issues; from sustainability and climate change, to ethical production and consumption. These issues are only going to become more important and brands cannot afford to ignore them. ‘Greenwashing’ will become more evident and unacceptable to consumers, who are desperate to champion brands that have a mission they really believe in.


The good news is that there's lots of innovation out there! Some innovators are developing new types of products and building stores with a smaller environmental footprint. Others are on a mission to help the world and give back to the community - either through ethical sourcing or charitable giving.


The future of retail with purpose is not only to communicate authentically, but to go deeper with interactive experiences that allow customers to become part of the story.

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