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RAL E3 – Color fan

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RAL E3 - Color range The RAL Effect system consists of 420 solid colors and 70 metallic colors, which gives the system a total amount of color of 490. RAL Effect fulfills the desire for greater variation in color design in the industrial sector. Each color family with six solid colors has a matching metallic color, and the color system contains a large number of particularly popular light color shades. It is the first collection from RAL, which is based on water-based paint systems. RAL Effect allows for environmentally friendly color production for all paint and varnish manufacturers thanks to its simple and modern formulation. The color system complies with various European EN and ISO standards. Color range with all 490 RAL Effect colors420 solid colors and 70 metallic colorsSolid colors are based on water-based paint systems and metallic colors are based on acrylic paintSize 21.0 x 5.0 cm, solid colors 5.0 x 2.0 cm, metallic colors 5 .0 x 3.8 cmEach page shows six solid colors and a matching metallic color. Solid colors are in semi matte and metallic colors are in high gloss


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