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More Information
SeasonSS 25
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Promostyl Women SS 25

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Forecast Book Women is the reference tool to meet the needs of all segments of women's fashion.

Promostyl has reworked their Women's trend book, for aside from trend, inspiration, info, the content has been made more consumer-oriented.

The book is a creative decision-making tool consisting of around 120 pages and 40 fabric samples. It is divided into 2 parts, the 1st part develops the sociological studies of consumer tribes, the 40 colors and prejudices of PROMOSTYLE and the second part is dedicated to the analysis of the 4 themes


Excerpt from the forecast book WOMEN SS25


Megatrends part:

  • Method – p.3 to 5
  • Consumer profiles – p.6 to 7
  • Themes – p.8 to 9
  • General color range – p.10 to 11

Style and product development section:

  • TECHNOLOGY theme – p.12 to 29
  • COUNTERCULTURE theme – p.30 to 47
  • LUXURY theme – p.48 to 65
  • NATURE theme – p.66 to 83

The book is in both French and English.

Promostyl Women is published in two seasons a year. Spring/summer in October and Autumn/winter in April/May.