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Promostyl Sport AW 24/25

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Sports Autumn/Winter 2024/2025

In this trend book Promostyl Sport AW 24/25, you get concrete tools for creating your products within sports fashion. The trend book is for athletes, fashion designers or others who have an interest/work in areas such as fitness, outdoor sports, running, team sports and much more.

A team of trendexperts is behind the book, where they determine forecasts based on Carl Jung's archetypes and consumer profiles adapt the sports fashion sector. Through a combination of stunning photography, insightful commentary and expert analysis, the AW 24/25 Trend book showcases trends and the latest innovation in sports fashion, highlighting the importance of functionality, durability, and style. Promostyl Sport AW 24/25 will leave you inspired and excited about future sports fashion.


This trend book contains:

  • Specific themes
  • Illustrated silhouettes and inspiring photos.
  • Textile samples and supplier contacts
  • Over 40 exclusive colors
  • Pantone, NCS, CNCS & CMYK colors
  • Exclusive downloadable prints (AI/PSD format)
  • Pages with a focus on accessories


By purchasing this trend book, you get access to exclusive prints through Promostyl's platform, which can be downloaded in AI and PSD format, as well as the entire book in digital format.

The book is in both French and English.

Promostyl Sport is published in two seasons a year. Spring/summer is published in mid-June and autumn/winter is published in mid-January.


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