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Promostyl Kids AW 24/25

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Promostyl Kids AW 24/25

The brand new trend book from Promostyl Kids AW 24/25

As something completely new, we at the pej group have got our hands on the brand new trend book from Promostyl Kids AW 24/25.

Promostyl has reworked their Kids trend book, to make the content more consumer-oriented. The content is therefore based on Carl Jung's 12 universal archetypes.

The book contains a whole 144 pages of trend, inspiration, information and lots of colors. It is divided into 4 themes, each with 3 stories and a 24-page focus on accessories. Before the themes, there is a brief introduction to the 4 themes' customer profiles. For each theme, there is a relevant color overview with associated Pantone and Coloro references, so you are guaranteed the perfect color for your collection or designs. In total, you get as many as 40 exclusive colors with references. In addition to pantone and coloro, NCS, CNCS and CMJN (CMYK) color systems are also available.

In the book you will find 96 delicious quality material samples, so you have the opportunity to sit with it in your hands, while you will be inspired by the book's many pictures and illustrated silhouettes.

As something completely unique, there are 30 sheets at the back, each with 12 color chips, which can be cut off and, for example, used to send for color production or mood boards. In addition, there are also 2 pages with contact information on fabric manufacturers, so all you have to do is contact them by email or phone.

By purchasing this trend book, you get access to 6 exclusive prints through Promostyl's platform, which can be downloaded in AI and PSD format, as well as the entire book in digital format.

The book is in both French and English.

Promostyl Kids is published in two seasons a year. Spring/summer first July and autumn/winter in mid-january.