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Promostyl Forecast 2024

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Promostyl Forecast 2024

Promostyl Design Inspiration Forecast 2024:

Promostyl's Design Inspiration Forecast 2024 trend book is based on 4 customer profiles divided into 4 themes: transition, power shift, grounded and preserve. Under each theme there are examples of content for both retail and product design for the season  2024. This is illustrated with images and a descriptive text. In addition, there is a selection of customized colors for each theme. In addition to lots of inspiration for product development and retail, there is also a deeper description of the corresponding customer profile under each theme. This can help your company adapt your products so that you hit the consumer in the best possible way.

With this trend book from Promostyl, you can't help but be inspired for your next collection.


The trend book includes:

  • 112 page forecast
  • 36 colors for the season
  • 4 themes based on 4 customer profiles
  • Unique consumer insight into 4 customer types
  • Inspiration within retail and product design
  • Lots of inspiring quality pictures