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Promostyl Colors AW 25/26

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This color trend book from Promostyl AW 24/25 is universal and adapted to all departments in a company, from communications, industry to fashion and design, etc.
In the trend book, the most significant Megatrends are analysed. Here, as in Promostyl's other trend books, the starting point is the consumer profiles according to the classification of the philosopher Carl Yung.

The new color trend book from Promostyl presents a current race against time. It's time to breathe, take time, and act consciously, quickly, but without subjecting ourselves to stress. It's time to confront the runaway machine and envision a new, less chaotic, and more tranquil path in harmony with it. What if the key to a new planetary, ecological, and human balance lay in the word "TEMPO"?

A combination of fuchsia glazes and creamy earth tones argues for the harmonization of technological advances and ecological emergencies. The two worlds, the real and the virtual, listen to and respond to each other at their own pace, supporting each other instead of contradicting.

A potpourri of natural shades reminds us that living beings are the origin of all human creation, and production cannot happen without drawing inspiration from the living world and tapping into its resources. By better aligning production periods with those of the living world, we take a significant step towards preserving the planet.

Colors evoke associations with increasingly closer and more violent climatic breaks. By integrating them into our lifestyle, we affirm our ability to adapt to nature, cultivate it, and delve into ourselves to reveal its buried echoes and the tempo of a new energy.

A mineral and organic range blends more and more into the environment amid all initiatives and innovations. By increasingly favoring artisanal techniques, humans make the landscape the source and the objective, the starting point, and the destination. By breaking free from machine logic and slowing down the tempo, we produce and live with a complete understanding and respect for our ecosystem.

For each of our 4 sectors, forecasts are designed in 4 directions:

  • Fashion
  • Textile creation
  • Substances
  • Design

With Promostyl's trend books, we guarantee you to be at the forefront of trends and modernity.