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pej foodbox

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  1. pej foodbox 2020-2023 Sale
    pej foodbox 2020-2023
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    Food Mag 2 2018-2021
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    Food Mag 3 2019-2022
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    pej foodbox 2021-2024
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pej foodbox is released once a year before the food conference ‘Food + Consumer Trends’ - 3 years before the season.

pej foodbox is made for professionals in the food industry, communication professionals, packaging companies, retail chains, restaurants, hotels and other creative people, who are working with the food industry.

What is pej foodbox?

pej foodbox is a unique trend material focusing on future food trends, and it is the ultimate toolbox for the food industry.

pej foodbox contains materials that are easy to use in your daily work. It is a practical and commercial inspiration and communication tool as well as a toolbox for product development and internal discussions in your company.

What is the content of pej foodbox?

pej foodbox contains the new magazine with the title ‘Food Mag 4’, which describes specific and commercial food trends in a short and long term as well as several articles about relevant subjects. The magazine is only printed in a limited edition and is only included in the purchase of pej foodbox.

Each year pej gruppen will choose a so-called ‘must read’ book for pej foodbox in which everyone in the food industry can find some inspiration. This year, this specially selected book is ‘Food & Drink Infographics’, which gathers all the best infographics for everything that can be eaten, drunk or cooked. Whether it is the secrets of sashimi or stress-free planning of a party, this book will be an inspirational source.

pej foodbox also contains a digital material in a USB device with all the presentations, films, music, etc. from the food conference ‘Food + Consumer Trends’, which was held in September 2018. It also contains special bought trend reports from international authorities, such as LSN Global, PSFK, Mintel, etc. and a PDF with ‘Food Mag 4’. All these versions are in a user-friendly format.

Buy the new pej foodbox together with last year’s edition and save money!