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pej trend colour fan deck AW 25/26

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NEW - Color Fan Deck from pej trend for the new Season

A brand-new color tool has been created for those working with AW 25/26 colors. With the pej trend color fan deck for the AW 25/26 season, you get a comprehensive resource used by Scandinavian companies across various departments. The colors are printed on paper and specified with color codes and translations from the NCS, Pantone TCX, Pantone TPG, Pantone C, and CMYK color systems. Each page is perforated, allowing you to remove a color chip to work with or send a chip to production.

The autumn/winter 2025-2026 season reflects four consumer types:





If you want more information about the season and the upcoming consumer trends, you can find more in the pej trend books, which are created by a large team of internal and external trend experts. Autumn/Winter 25/26 is no exception. Extensive research, mood board creation, discussions, and investigations are conducted before the content is shaped. Many hours and considerations go into each book we publish, and we look forward to presenting a new season each time.

The smart pej trend color fan is targeted at everyone working within fashion, interior design, and home textiles. The pej trend color fan has a practical format, making it ideal for travel, supplier visits, trade shows, etc. It is an extremely popular and useful tool for anyone needing to communicate easily, quickly, and accurately with trend colors. Each color in the pej trend color fan is carefully selected and arranged to give you a deep understanding of trend development and color combinations. The smart color guide is only available through pej gruppen, as pej gruppen's trend department is behind the selected trend colors and translations between all color systems. This ensures you make the right choices to make your products stand out and capture your customers' attention.