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pej toolbox SS 25

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pej toolbox SS 25 to be released in mid-October 2023



With pej toolbox, you gain access to a comprehensive resource used by Scandinavian companies across various departments. This trend book is a true treasure trove of inspiration spanning a wide range of applications, relevant to anyone looking to convey lifestyle trends, colours, stories, materials, and much more.

pej toolbox is more than just a tool; it is a key to a world of trends where you can explore, experiment, and create with confidence. It is designed to inspire and guide you in your creative process, whether you are a designer, buyer, manufacturer, seller, or marketing professional.


Spring/Summer 2025 - IMAGINATION

The interplay between dreams and reality, fiction and realism, becomes even more relevant with the growth of the digital world and artificial intelligence. At the same time, there is a growing focus on physical and mental well-being. The concept of sleep is under pressure, particularly the lack of mental rest. Sleep becomes a precious commodity as a reaction to the rapidly escalating society. In the future, sleep will be seen as an escape to mental freedom, dreams, and imagination.

Get the comprehensive overview of SS 25 at the pej group's trend conference in November.

Prepare for SS 25 with informative and perspective-rich knowledge from the pej group's trend team.

As we explore the vibrant expressions of the future, we find ourselves at the intersection of the past and present, drawing inspiration from both to define future trends. Spring/Summer 2025 marks a moment where the past and present merge, signaling a clear transition from what was to what will be. We are transitioning from an era defined by war and crisis and a culture that emphasized a logical, analytical approach to a time that celebrates emotions, imagination, and creativity. In this new era, the idyllic, the sensitive, and the beautiful will not only be appreciated but actively sought after, and the need for meaning, imagination, and dreams will be crucial.


The Spring/Summer 2025 season reflects four consumer types who, in their own ways, manage to realize the new possibilities in line with their desires and dreams about how life should be lived here and now:

  • Guardians
  • Harmonizers
  • Discoverers
  • Dreamweavers


pej toolbox is the largest of pej group's trend books.

The trend book includes key materials, colours, colour charts, colour combinations, and colour development, along with ample inspiration for the SS 25 season. The book serves as a communication tool for anyone needing to convey lifestyle trends, colours, stories, materials, etc. It is used as a business tool across all company departments, from design to branding and marketing, right through to product branding and sales. The entire book is in both Danish and English and is frequently used and disseminated by designers, buyers, manufacturers, sales departments, and marketing professionals throughout the company.


Contents of 1 x physical pej toolbox:

  • Inspiration for the season's most important prints, materials, effects, shapes and details
  • Selected key colors in each trend theme with image inspiration, inspiration for the season's most important color combinations
  • Approx. 500 images with concrete product inspiration for women's and men's fashion, shoes, accessories, children, interiors, furniture, lighting, architecture, art and retail
  • Focus on SS 25 four main design trends in each trend theme
  • Descriptions of the color development through three Autumn/Winter seasons
  • Summary of the most important key trends
  • Lots of physical and beautiful material samples
  • Moodboards and the season's keywords
  • The trend colors of the season in TCX Pantone Chips
  • Focus on the season's most important color trends with image inspiration
  • A huge trend folder full of trend inspiration, ready to use in the collections
  • Color translations of all colors to Pantone® TCX, Pantone® C as well as Pantone® CMYK


  • As a pej toolbox subscriber, you can find the seasonal colors online 2 months before the trend book is physically published
  • Get dressed for SS 25 with educational and perspective knowledge from the pej group's trend team
  • pej toolbox is the largest of the pej group's trend books.



Order a pej toolbox membership and get all the benefits!

  • Two physical Scandinavian trend books: pej toolbox SS + AW (save EUR 270)

-  Sent to your address - See above contents of what each trend book contains

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-  Access to previous releases - a total of 2 x Spring/Summer + 2 x Autumn/Winter

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› How do you get access to

Subscribers to the trend books 'pej colour' and 'pej toolbox' currently have automatic access to our online trend universe and thus the extra digital trend inspiration that is delivered online. The trend books and website are sold as a 'combo set' ie. you can only access online if you subscribe to the books.


› What is available on

The site has all the content from the books as individual images in a searchable image library + 500 extra images, colors, moodboards, videos, music and much more. The website is an extension of the books and will always be possible for subscribers to find and get new trend inspiration between the book releases.


›What is pej trend?

pej trend is a set of exclusive Scandinavian trend books + an online platform for subscribers that includes all lifestyle companies. pej-trend covers design, lifestyle, fashion and interior design and is a suitable work tool for development, design, purchasing, sales and marketing.


›Why is the pej trend relevant?

pej trend is a commercial Scandinavian trend forecasting service that removes all clutter and noise, and makes creative decisions easier to choose and work with and increases your chances of success.


Get access to curated trends, colors, pictures and stories for the new season, before everyone else with a toolbox subscription (in the box above)