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pej toolbox SS 24

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pej toolbox SS 2024 - PERSONAL PATHS

pej gruppens largest Scandinavian trend book!


The trend book contains key materials, colors, color cards, color combinations and color development, and lots of new inspiration for season SS 24. The book is used as a communication tool for everyone who needs to pass on lifestyle trends, colors, stories, materials, etc. and is used as a business tool across all the company's departments - from design to branding and the marketing department, to when the product is to be branded and sold. The entire book's texts are in Danish and English and are disseminated and are often used by designers, buyers, manufacturers, sales departments and marketing people throughout the company.

pej toolbox is the largest of the pej group's trend books. pej toolbox is created by the pej group, which has more than 45 years of experience with thorough research of society's development, the spirit of the times, expectations for the future and historical color data from more than 90 seasons.


For SS 24, pej trend contains four consumer types/trend themes:

  1. Anti-Perfectionists
  2. Siesta Seekers
  3. Dimension Dreamers
  4. Decorators


Contents of 1 x physical pej toolbox:

  • Inspiration for the season's most important prints, materials, effects, shapes and details
  • Selected key colors in each trend theme with image inspiration, inspiration for the season's most important color combinations
  • Approx. 500 images with concrete product inspiration for women's and men's fashion, shoes, accessories, children, interiors, furniture, lighting, architecture, art and retail
  • Focus on SS 24 four main design trends in each trend theme
  • Descriptions of the color development through three Autumn/Winter seasons
  • Summary of the most important key trends
  • Lots of physical and beautiful material samples
  • Moodboards and the season's keywords
  • The trend colors of the season in TCX Pantone Chips
  • Focus on the season's most important color trends with image inspiration
  • A huge trend folder full of trend inspiration, ready to use in the collections
  • Color translations of all colors to Pantone® TCX, Pantone® C as well as Pantone® CMYK


  • As a pej toolbox subscriber, you can find the seasonal colors online 2 months before the trend book is physically published
  • Get dressed for SS 24 with educational and perspective knowledge from the pej group's trend team
  • pej toolbox is the largest of the pej group's trend books.



We are very happy to invite you into our new digital universe -

With more than 45 years of trend forecasting and publishing trend books, the digital universe was the most natural next step.


Order a pej toolbox membership and get all the benefits!

  • Two physical Scandinavian trend books: pej toolbox SS + AW - Sent to your address - See above contents of what each trend book contains
  • Save 30% on each ticket (max. 5) to Future Trends - the pej group's semi-annual trend conferences
  • Save 50% on each ticket (max. 5) for Mini Trend Conference - retelling of the big trend conference
  • Free access to + continuous news - pictures, mood boards, videos, music etc.:
  • Early online access to the season's new colors in August and February (2 months before the toolbox is physically released)
  • Create your own mood boards with your own colors, images or prints
  • Access to curated music from each trending conference
  • All new features, updates and tools included
  • Access to previous releases - a total of 2 x Spring/Summer + 2 x Autumn/Winter

Ongoing exclusive offers - only for you who have a membership

Select start of season: Colors released online: Physical trend book is published: Period of membership: Contains in total:
Toolbox SS 2024 August October 01.08.22 – 31.07.23  2 x toolbox SS24 & AW24/25 + 1 online user
Toolbox AW 24/25 February April 01.02.23 – 31.01.24 2 x toolbox  AW24/25 & SS25 + 1 online user


Reflecting on the last decade of progress made in digitizing trends while honoring the tactility of the physical trend books is very enlightening. The trend industry is very different today than it was in the 80s and 90s, but the essence is still the same: to make decisions easier for advertising, product development and communication in the lifestyle industry!

The ultimate goal for pej group's trend team is to connect the tactile trend books and the digital content in a seamless and user-friendly way and ensure that each part of the trend experience – the physical book or the website, lives up to its full potential.


› How do you get access to

Subscribers to the trend books 'pej colour' and 'pej toolbox' currently have automatic access to our online trend universe and thus the extra digital trend inspiration that is delivered online. The trend books and website are sold as a 'combo set' ie. you can only access online if you subscribe to the books.


› What is available on

The site has all the content from the books as individual images in a searchable image library + 500 additional images, colors, mood boards, videos, music and more. The website is an extension of the books and will always be possible for subscribers to find and get new trend inspiration between book releases.


› What is the pej trend?

pej trend is a set of exclusive Scandinavian trend books + an online platform for subscribers that includes all lifestyle companies. pej-trend covers both design, lifestyle, fashion and interiors and is a suitable work tool for both development, design, purchasing, sales and marketing.


› Why is pej-trend relevant?

pej trend is a commercial Scandinavian trend forecasting service that removes all the clutter and noise, making creative decisions easier to choose and work with and increasing your chances of success.


Get access to curated trends, colors, images and stories for the new season before everyone else with a toolbox subscription EUR 1810 (select subscription in the box above)