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pej toolbox member

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Membership for the Major Scandinavian Trend Book Pej Toolbox

You will receive two physical trend books: pej toolbox AW published in March & SS in September, as well as free online access to the trend portal and all the additional benefits, including the early release of colours in February and August.

For over 30 years, pej gruppen has published the major trend book pej toolbox – the ultimate trend product and tool for companies working with trend, collection, and product development. This trend product is our most comprehensive, containing carefully selected trends and colours as well as a wealth of product inspiration for the lifestyle industries.

With pej toolbox, you get all the essential elements of the season in fashion and interior. pej toolbox is the optimal communication tool for anyone needing to incorporate and/or convey lifestyle trends, colours, stories, materials, and more. Many companies use pej toolbox across departments to ensure that designers, buyers, sales, and marketing speak the same language.

pej toolbox is the largest of pej gruppen's trend books.

The trend book includes key materials, Pantone Chips, colour cards with translations of NCS, Pantone TCX, Pantone TPG, and Pantone C, as well as CMYK, colour combinations, and colour development, and plenty of new inspiration for the season. The book is used as a communication tool for everyone who needs to convey lifestyle trends, colours, stories, materials, etc., and is utilized as a company tool across all departments – from design to branding and marketing when the product needs to be branded and sold. All texts in the book are in Danish and English and are often used by designers, buyers, producers, sales departments, and marketing professionals throughout the company.

With, you get a unique combination of physical trend books with materials and colour samples and an online platform with more materials. Overall, it provides an exceptional source of trend inspiration in design, lifestyle, fashion, and interior delivered by pej gruppen – the Scandinavian trend institute.

With the physical trend books and access to an online trend universe with themes, colours, colour combinations, colour development, pictures, mood boards, etc., you are well-equipped for the latest season.

Online, you actually gain insight into four seasons – the four latest issues of pej toolbox + 600 extra inspiration images per season + access to all 2625 FHI colours from the Pantone system.


The trend books and the online solution are sold as a 'combo set', meaning you can only access online if you subscribe to the trend books regularly. pej trend is a commercial Scandinavian trend forecasting service that eliminates all clutter and noise, making creative decisions easier to choose and work with, and increasing your chances of success. It is also possible to order pej toolbox individually.


Get online access at – and see how much extra you get!

Order a pej toolbox membership and enjoy all the benefits:

  • Two physical Scandinavian trend books: pej toolbox SS + AW (save €270 compared to 2 x individual purchase)
  • Save 30% on each ticket (max 5) to Future Trends – pej gruppen's semi-annual trend conferences
  • Save 50% on each ticket (max 5) to a 3-hour trend seminar – a recap of the major trend conference
  • Free access to + ongoing new content – images, mood boards, videos, music, etc.:
  • Early online access to the season's colours already in February and August
  • Create your own mood boards with your own colours, images, or prints
  • Access curated music from each trend conference
  • All new features, updates, and tools included
  • Access to previous editions – a total of 2 x Spring/Summer + 2 x Autumn/Winter
  • Ongoing exclusive offers – only for you as a toolbox member

The membership price is per year, excluding VAT and fees, and includes two physical editions SS + AW. Renewal for the new membership period occurs automatically unless otherwise notified. Membership must be canceled at least three months before the start of the new period. See terms and conditions.