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pej Kids 2020+

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pej Kids 2020+
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The past and the present must dress us for the future. Read more about the trends and lifestyle that will affect children and their families until 2022 and some trends will dominate longere into the future.

Welcome to the new pej kids (trends up to season 2022+) and have fun with the coming years trends and colors for the Scandinavian family and child consumer.

The kids trendbook is for future babies, toddlers, children, teens and families in everything from product, packaging, to marketing your new collection.

pej kids 2020+ is the third shot on the stem of the fireplace group's trend report for Scandinavian children and families with children. As always, pej kids are not seasonally dependent, but can be used over an extended period of time and in different locations within the organization, depending on whether the development process has just begun or whether the process has reached the launch and marketing portion.

pej kids 2020+ are ideal for anyone who works professionally with products, designs and services for families of the future. (trends from 2020 to the season 2022+)


PEJ KIDS 2020+ contains:

Description of time spirit, megatrends, generations and family life

3 segments with definitions: 0-3, 3-8 and 8-12 years

Color overview for all 3 segments

12 target groups with colors, keywords, mood collages, design inspiration images and descriptions

Lifestyle, consumer and design cases for fashion, interior, food & packaging as well as retail, media & play

Colors with references in PANTONE® TPX

Link with PDF and inspirational films