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pej Greenery 2024- Update on flower and plant trends

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pej greenery 2024 - Future Flowers & Plants

greenery plant trend report is sent to you in a physical version.

New plant report will be released midt of June 2023


For the 5th time, the pej group, in collaboration with a selection of skilled plant experts, is creating a completely unique plant report with plant trends, focusing on plants, pots, styling and flowers for 2024+

A unique insight into the season's flower & plant trends

2024 is in many ways a landmark. From the feeling of having been adjusted and put on pause by something from outside in a time of crises, we now meet a consumer who is ready to act out of the shadow of the crises. It is a consumer who takes control of the things in everyday life that each of us has an influence on and finds the path through life that harmonizes with what we individually think is important.

The consumer moves uncompromisingly and action-oriented through life and leaves value-based impressions. The fixed routines are rethought and values ​​and attitudes become clear. At the same time, we squint at the nostalgia – for earlier times, which we associate with something safe, good and harmonious.

In relation to jars, vases and general styling, we will both see newly conceived designs that stick out and have edges and designs with touches of nostalgia and vintage. In the plant universe, we see the return of the large, broad leaves, while at the same time we are fascinated by all the beauty that nature has to offer.


Read more in the plant trend report, which will be published in June 2023.

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What you get:

A number of interior and trend experts have prepared trend material for 2024 with a focus on plants, flowers, colours, styling and interiors.

The content of the unique plant trend report contains four trend themes for 2024 + a Christmas theme.

Extra this time: You also get online access to our greenery area at (The online access is only available until the new report is released next year, then you must order again)

For all five themes, you get Pantone references, plant and flower names, mood inspiration and styling suggestions.

The trend material contains lots of visual inspiration, keywords, descriptions and an indication of the right colors for the flower plant and the interior industry.


pej greenery is in both Danish and English