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pej forecast SS 21

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pej forecast SS 21

pej forecast SS 21 - Out now

Right now you can get two pej forecast AW + SS for only 1340 EURO (save 380 EURO)

pej forecast is released 17 months before the season. This trendbook focuses on trend themes, colors and materials. The inspirering trendbook is made for professionals within the fashion-, interior-, accessories-, and graphic/advertising industry.

pej forecast SS 21 contains trend histories, color directions, a colour matrix, Pantone® TCX, Pantone® C, color combinations, inspirational pictures, an overview of the consumers and samples of the materials.

pej forecast contains amongst other things:

  • Four trend themes with a wide range of colours
  • Texts for the trend themes in Danish and English
  • Time- spirit- and consumer overview
  • Keywords, the essential materials and effects
  • Colour combinations for interior and fashion
  • Handmade material samples
  • Materials and textiles for interior and fashion
  • Focused inspiration for each theme
  • Pantone colornumbers
  • Pantone TCX, Pantone C and Pantone CMYK

pej forecast is used by many European companies who needs early, accurate and commercial trend and colour inspiration. pej forecast will be released in limited edition due to the many physical materials and textiles.

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