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pej first colour AW 24/25

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pej first colour AW 24/25

pej gruppen proudly presents the world's earliest color chart - with a pej first color trend book you get 8 color directions, visual mood collages for each direction, tools to create your own color chart with a total of 50-60 colors and PANTONE® TCX (cotton) strips with each color . pej trend is the most widespread inspiration system in Scandinavia and can be used for inspiration and development of your products.

pej first color is the lifestyle industry's earliest color chart, and this color folder gives you all the knowledge you need to see the complete picture of future fashion and interior colors.


It is published 24 months before the current season and is targeted at anyone who needs an indication of the season's trend colors at an early stage.

It is also possible to get this trend book, as a fixed subscription with 2 annual releases

This saves you DKK 1,000 and gets the trend book delivered as soon as it is published. Select membership in the box above, then you are always guaranteed to get your fingers in the color card before they are gone.


How is it possible?

pej gruppen's creative trend department has for 45 years worked intensively with statistical analysis of color trends in both the fashion and interior design industry.

With pej first color, you can already see which colors end up as commercial and safe colors - two years before consumers see them in stores.

The research project is based on commercial color data from more than 60 seasons. Included in the statistical material are both colors that have been recommended by designers and trend agencies as well as colors that have become successful with consumers.

The large statistical material has been processed with the aim of finding patterns and correlations in the color development over time. The conclusions provide a greatly improved and more secure color forecasting in the future and form the basis for the semi-annual publication of the color card pej first color.


Content in pej first color - single sale

  • 8 colors for the fashion and interior design industry
  • Visual mood lookups in every direction
  • Tools so you can create your own color chart
  • 50-60 colors in total
  • Pantone cotton strips of every color


Order a pej first colour subscription and get:

  • Two physical Scandinavian trend books: pej first color SS + AW (You save DKK 1,000 by subscribing)
  • Save 30% on each ticket (max 5) for Future Trends (pej group's bi-annual all-day trend conference)
  • Save 50% on each ticket (max 5) for the Mini Trend Conference (pej group's small retelling, 3 months later, of the big all-day conference)

The color card first color is published by the pej group and is targeted at anyone who needs indications of the season's trend colors at a very early stage.


Select start of season: Physical release: Period of membership: Contains in total:
First colour AW 24/25 August 01.08.22 - 31.07.23 2 x first colour SS25 & AW 24/25
+ 1 online user
First colour SS 2025 February 01.02.23 - 31.01.24 2 x first colour SS25 & AW 24/25
+ 1 online user


Note: The trend book first color is a Scandinavian trend product, but is sold to the whole world.

First color is only available in a limited edition, so pre-order now if you want the exclusive Scandinavian color card.