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pej colour AW 24/25

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pej colour AW 24/25 - INTENTION

Importance of color for all lifestyle industries, including especially for fashion and interiors

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Based on the need for control of the internal conditions and the drive that arises when the goal and direction are clear, the season narrative for AW 24/25 is based on the word INTENTION – a word referring to both control, goal and direction. And that one's actions are aligned with personal attitudes.

A life without purpose and direction seems empty to most people. With reflection on the changes that the first half of the 2020s has offered, there is a renewed interest in having control over one's own life, being aware of personal values and attitudes – and letting actions follow these. Part of this narrative is based on intention – and thus, the will and ability to act.

The intention is a powerful driver: It is the purpose or intention of one's actions and it sets the direction or course of one's life. There are several definitions of intention, but in its essence, it is about being aware of personal goals and how to reach them as well as having the ability to plan the journey. It is also about optimising the experience of meaning, purpose and coherence in life.


pej colour AW 24/25 contains:

  • An introduction to the season
  • Four trend themes
  • Colour matrix
  • Colour development over three seasons
  • Removable colour strips
  • Color importance within fashion and interior
  • Colours on surfaces
  • Colour mix & match
  • The colour samples are dyed on cotton yarn
  • Colour translations of all colors to Pantone® TCX, Pantone® C and Pantone CMYK
  • Lots of inspiration for combining colors with inspiring pictures
  • Color styling with inspiring pictures


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Colour AW 24/25 May 01.05.23 - 30.04.24 2 x Colour  AW 24/25 & SS 25
+ 1 online user
Colour SS 2024 November 01.11.22 - 30.10.23 2 x Colour AW 24/25 & SS 24
+ 1 online user


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