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PANTONE® Swatch Cards

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In need of colour samples for your collection development or individual product development? Shop Pantone Swatch Cards at pej gruppen – Pantone Swatch Cards are a great colour tool available at a competitive price and shipped on a day-to-day basis.

Whether you work as a designer or manufacturer, Pantone Swatch Cards are an ideal tool for you. Cut a piece of your Swatch Card, send it to your supplier, and use the rest for further product development within your company. The colour samples from Pantone are a must-have for your product development to ensure you end up with the desired and most optimal colour every time. Build beautiful colour palettes for your collection and compare colours on different materials.

Did you know that Swatch Cards are also ideal to use for your product management, colour approval, sales or for dispatch to your supplier across the globe?

Use the Swatch Cards to ensure uniform results and achieve the desired colour once your product hits production. Test out the colour in person on the surfaces that mimic the surface of your coming product. The Pantone Swatch Cards allow you to work with colours accurately, making your process more efficient whether your suppliers are in the same room or across the globe.

Pantone secures consistent digital spectral data ensuring you are on the same (colour) page as all your suppliers, even if they are located in different areas of the world – everyone will be able to produce the correct colour.

Pantone Swatch Cards help you work more efficiently, precisely, and creatively across different materials. Pantone Swatch Cards are available in polyester, plastic, nylon brights and cotton – test out the colour appearance on different materials. That way you get the best possible colour information for your product.

When purchasing several Swatch Cards within the same order, pej gruppen offer a Pantone discount agreement.