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Do you work in the lifestyle business - with hard home products, cosmetics, fashion accessories, leather goods, ceramics and more? Then the Pantone Paper TPG colour system is the ideal tool for your design and product development process!

The Pantone TPG system is the new and improved version of the old TPX system. The letter 'X' has been replaced by 'G', which stands for "green" and caters to the demand for sustainable manufacturing processes. Therefore, the Pantone Paper TPG system is a more environmentally friendly edition - and the high quality that Pantone is renowned for, is still the same. 

The Pantone Paper TPG system is available as a Fashion, Home + Interiors Specifier, Paper Set or guide, as well as Paper Sheets and the new Paper Traveler which is the perfect product for anytime you are on the go and in need of the full overview of the Pantone Paper TPG colour palette. 

Pantone's Paper TPG system makes it possible to see your favourite Pantone colours in a large format. The Pantone Paper Sheets offer versatile visualisation of the most popular colours in the system. 

Hang the colour on the wall and explore its impact from both a long and short distance. Use Pantone's Paper Sheet TPG to wrap around objects and prototypes to experience the colour in a physical and spatial context. With the large colour format, it is now even easier to get a sense of how light affects the individual colour. The perfect colour tool for your design process!