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The Pantone Graphic PMS system is the ideal colour tool for anyone working with graphic design!

Create intriguing and eye-catching graphic designs that pop and catch your customers’ eye whether you work with print, packaging, digital design, or marketing materials. Colours are a vital design element that reflect the mood and style of your product and the right colour palette can sell products and ideas more efficiently.

Your brand’s colours are crucial to its identity and a differentiating factor that make you stand out – make sure you stay on-brand as your brand colours trigger mental images and create associations and expectations for your customers.  

The Pantone PMS colours appear on a coated (glossy) and uncoated (matte) surface, so you get a better indication of the colour. The individual colours are marked with a unique Pantone name and Pantone number. With Pantone’s universal colour system, you are able to communicate colours in a clear and concise manner – either across the departments of your company, or across your supply chain. That way your chosen colour palette always appears identical.

Are you a buyer, designer, product developer or do you work in marketing? Are you looking for a fantastic and precise colour system? Buy the desired colours on plastic or paper and get started with your product development right away.