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Are you often on the go in connection with your product development, or do you need a new collection of Pantone colours? Then a Pantone Guide is the right choice for you as Pantone Guides offer you all this in one product.

Buy Pantone Guides in the form of binders, colour fans and paper books, all of which are easy to bring with you on the go. Pantone Guides are arranged based on the colour chromatics. That way, you quickly get an overview of the colours, and you can easily find your desired colours.

pej gruppen offer a wide selection of Pantone Guides in Metallic Shimmers (TPM), Cotton (TCX), Paper (TPG), Graphic Production (PLUS/PMS) and Plastics (PMS & TCX). Find a system that suits your industry. Whether you work with textiles, workwear, sportswear, interiors, graphic design, marketing, toys, accessories, cosmetics and much more, there is a Pantone colour system and Pantone Guide for you. pej gruppen also offer software and devices to calibrate and evaluate colours. This helps you stay on-point in your colour development.  

Make sure your guides are up to date with all the new trend-driven colours. Remember, the colour consistency and the appearance of colours may change as handling, exposure to light, humidity and oil may cause colours to become inaccurate.

If you need to add a new colour guide to add to your Pantone collection, this is the place to find them.