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PANTONE® Connect

PANTONE® Connect
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As of October 2021, Pantone Connect is the new digital platform that hands you the power to refine your colour development. Pantone Connect is the unique Pantone Digital Platform and your new digital workspace.  

Pantone Connect gives designers access to digital Pantone colours and useful colour features across mobile, web and design applications in Adobe Creative Cloud – create digital colour palettes across Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop and ensure colour consistency across all platforms. With access to all 15,000 Pantone colours from the full Pantone library, a whole world of colour is available with a few simple clicks. Work both physically and digitally and alternate between the two realms depending on your workflow. Save your colour compositions and access them from multiple devices.

Pantone Connect stimulates your creativity and ensures colour consistency and precision when working with fashion, product design, branding and more. Create compelling colour stories and share them with collaborators. Designers, creatives, brand managers and manufacturers alike, Pantone Connect is for everyone working with colours and an amazing supplement to your physical Pantone library.

Capture colours from your favourite images and create compelling colour compositions with Pantone’s ‘real world color capture technology’ or ‘image color extract tools’. Providing you with an array of amazing tools, Pantone Connect supplies you with ‘Harmonies’ and ‘Color Shades’ that tap into colour psychology and colour theory to help you make informed decisions. Additionally, Pantone Connects help you see how people with colour blindness experience your colour palettes against contrasting light and dark backgrounds.

Contact us for multi-license agreements and receive up to a 15% discount per user. If Pantone Connect sounds like a product for you, and you want to know more, feel free to reach out via email at [email protected] or call us on +45 97 11 89 00.