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Pantone Swatch Card Nylon Brights 10x20 TN

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Pantone Swatch Card Nylon Brights 10 x 20 cm TN

The ideal communication tool. It can be difficult to communicate with you supplier or across the departments in your company without having a united colour frame to refer to. Everyone has their own way of seeing and describing a colour. 
Pantone has therefore developed the ideal communication tool for everyone who works with colours. A Nylon Swatch Card is a 10 x 20 cm cotton card. The fabric is loosely mounted on a piece of cardboard, which also informs you about the six-digit colour code as well as the Pantone colour name. This original number makes it possible to communicate simply and precisely without any misunderstandings.

A Swatch Card can be used in the development of a collection, to your supplier, to the production control and for colour approval. Pantone Swatch Cards are delivered in a vacuum pack in a light-resistant packaging that protects the colours from fading.

Nylon Brights Swatch Card is suitable for swimwear, outdoor clothing, sportswear, work clothing and safety apparel. You can choose to have your Pantone Swatch Cards carved with self-sealing paste on the back side, so they are ready to put on your mood boards.  
It is also possible to buy the 21 Nylon Bright colours as Swatch Cards.  

There are two different sizes to choose between: 16 pcs (2.0 x 4.5 cm) or 24 pcs (1.5 x 4.5 cm).

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  • Et Pantone Swatch Card 10 x 20 består af 100% bomuld
  • Dobbeltlags ubeklædt tekstil på et ikke-optisk lysnet papirkort 
  • UV-beskyttet plastpose beskytter tekstilet mod lys og fugtighed
  • Den ikke-reflekterende, glatte overflade gør produktet perfekt til farvevisualisering

Pantone Swatches

Med Pantone Cotton Swatch Cards får du verdens førende bomulds-farvestandard for designere og produktudviklere inden for tøj, tekstil og blødt boligtilbehør. Pantone Swatches består af et
dobbeltlags stof for de mest krævende farvespecifikationer. Desuden indeholder hvert Swarch fuld spektral data og har en UV-beskyttende plastpose for at sikret farvenøjagtigheden i produktionen.