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Pantone Solid Color Set PMS

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Get access to two Solid Chips books as well as two color fans, Pantone Formula guides.

Pantone's Solid Color Set consists of all 2,161 graphic colors printed on coated and uncoated paper.

The colors come in two formats: You get the Formula Guide, which is a portable color range that you can easily and quickly use as a personal reference when selecting or communicating colors. for fairs, conferences or meetings. In addition, you get the colors as Solid Chips. This is a desk set with colored chips in every color. These can be easily used to create moodboards, attach colors to design files, quality control and to approve color on print. Pantone's Solid Chips come with Paper Chip Savers for easy organization and storage of the loose chips.

The chip books contain all current Pantone Solid Colors, as removable paper shavings, so they can be easily taken out and used in practice. Each chipbook page provides up to seven Pantone colors with six individual 1.2 ”x 0.8” chips per chip. color. Each color appears in the books with its corresponding name or number, where the Formula Guide also includes ink formulations. You will also find a numerical location for each color on the front of the books and on the back of the guide.

In the Formula Guides you will find a light indicator page that shows when the light conditions are suitable for color evaluation.

The colors are printed on the most commonly used ordinary paper weights, which are 100 lb coated and 80 lb uncoated, respectively.

The set is extremely useful for logo design, branding and marketing materials, packaging and other printing applications. Ideal for inspiration and palette planning, as well as color specification, sharing and evaluation.


The set contains:

  • Pantone Solid Chips Book - Coated
  • Pantone Solid Chips Book - Uncoated
  • Pantone Formula Guide - Solid coated
  • Pantone Formula Guide - Solid uncoated
  • 2 x Paper Chip Savers


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