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Pantone Swatch Card Polyester 10 x 20

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Pantone Swatch Card Polyester 10 x 20 cm TSX

Today, colours are an important factor in our visual identity. Therefore, there is an increasing request for more saturated colors that will stand out. This new polyester system from Pantone has solved this problem. Deeper colours have been made, which have resulted in a more extensive mixture of the colours. This is very relevant for the lifestyle industries including the fashion and interior industry.

Pantone Polyester will be supplementary to the existing colours from Pantone Fashion, Pantone Home & Interior system. The polyester system contains 203 colours.

The polyester standards are 10 x 20 cm, which has been requested by designers within the fashion and interior industry for a long time.
Polyester Swatch Card is an essential tool for inspiration and for colour controlling.

Pantone Polyester Swatch Card is available in 203 beautiful colours.

We recommend everyone who works with polyester to purchase Pantone Polyester Swatch Set.

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  • Et Pantone Swatch Card 10 x 20 består af 100% bomuld
  • Dobbeltlags ubeklædt tekstil på et ikke-optisk lysnet papirkort 
  • UV-beskyttet plastpose beskytter tekstilet mod lys og fugtighed
  • Den ikke-reflekterende, glatte overflade gør produktet perfekt til farvevisualisering

Pantone Swatches

Med Pantone Cotton Swatch Cards får du verdens førende bomulds-farvestandard for designere og produktudviklere inden for tøj, tekstil og blødt boligtilbehør. Pantone Swatches består af et
dobbeltlags stof for de mest krævende farvespecifikationer. Desuden indeholder hvert Swarch fuld spektral data og har en UV-beskyttende plastpose for at sikret farvenøjagtigheden i produktionen.