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Pantone Solid Chip Page PMS

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Pantone Replacement Pages – PMS

Pantone Replacement Pages contains replacement pages for the graphic system. You can choose between coated or uncoated paper and metallics or neons.  

These replacement pages are made for Pantone books that has been released from 2015 and onwards.
If you try to replace the pages from an older Pantone book, the pages will not match, and you will get another page than you have expected. If you have an older book, you can use the Pantone Colour Finder for finding the correct replacement page with the right color that you want to refill.

To order a replacement page, please add the number of replacement pages that you would like to your basket and send an email to: [email protected] and write down the page number, that you are in lack of. You might also write down whether it is a coated or an uncoated paper that you want, so we can send you the exact replacement page for your Pantone system.

The minimum order on graphic replacement pages is EUR 70,-

The pages are available in all 2,678 Pantone special printing ink. The replacement pages are very practical when it comes to refilling the colours that you are using the most. We recommend to use the perforated chips for adding colours to your designs, moodboards and product sketches by attaching a color, which can be shared with your partners from the production and used for approving a colour on prints.