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Pantone Formula Guide Coated & Uncoated (2390 farver)

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Formula Guide 2022

PANTONE Formula Guide solid Coated + solid Uncoated - indispensable graphic fans!

A new edition of the Pantone Formula Guide/fan is now available.


You now get 2,390 market-driven graphic colors in the Pantone Graphics System on coated and uncoated paper. The latest Pantone Formula Guide is now updated with 229 brand new Pantone Matching System PMS colors and also includes five new eco-friendly Pantone base inks that are compatible with coating in print production processes.


With Pantone's expansion of the new graphic colors in the Matching System®-collection, released in January 2023, Pantone has also changed the recipe in the base ink. The 224 new Pantone colors fill the gaps in the Matching System color scale with more dark neutral, green, blue and violet colors, based on comments and feedback from Pantone's many users.

Remember! Pantone's recommendation is to replace fans/guides every 12-18 months!

Read more about the update of the colors here

Please note: the mottled appearance for the uncoated guide is not a quality issue. In fact, it was designed this way. The reality is printing with lithographic inks on uncoated paper is very challenging. The Uncoated Guides are intended to show the designer what to expect, so they generally look faded and noisy.

Most people think that printing on uncoated paper gives poor results because the inks sink into the paper but that is not really the case. The inks don’t stick to the uncoated sheet since the surface is not smooth.


Integration with Pantone® Connect for Adobe Creative Cloud gives you access to over 15,000 Pantone colors in every Pantone library.

Bring all your physical Pantone colors into the digital workflows of your favorite apps, such as InDesign®, Photoshop® and Illustrator®, ensuring color consistency, accuracy and access from anywhere. Safely save the colors you want to keep in future moodboards, color palettes or more directly in the cloud for better streamlined sharing and collaboration between teams.


The Pantone Formula Guide is the most used Pantone Matching System and is aimed at anyone who works with print, packaging, brochures or other graphic production.

The Pantone Formula Guide contains: - Two fans on respectively coated and uncoated paper (C and U colours)


229 new PMS colors have been added on December 1, 2022


All colors chromatically arranged according to the color wheel.

All colors are clearly marked with percentage mixing ratios in relation to the 18 base colours. Ideal work tool for anyone who needs to find colors for bags, brochure materials, hangtags, logos and much more.


The set includes:

Pantone Formula Guide - Coated

Pantone Formula Guide - Uncoated


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