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Pantone Color Bridge PMS

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Pantone Color Bridge PMS

With a Pantone Color Bridge it is possible to design with both the Pantone Cotton System and all the colours in CMYK.

This practical Pantone fan contains 2.161 Pantone colours in total. With a Pantone Color Bridge, you can always see how a colour from Pantone PMS will look when it is printed in CMYK. The fan also contains HTML and RGB values, so the colours can be used for several medias.

Pantone Color Bridge contains:

  • 2.161 Pantone colours
  • All colours are chromatically arranged in a practical portable fans format
  • CMYK screen tint percentages are shown next to all the solid colours
  • The colours are clearly marked with Pantone numbers or color names
  • Icons that clearly marks if a color can be reproduces satisfyingly in CMYK and/or RGB
  • Pantone PLUS Color Bridge can be purchased in an uncoated and coated edition or as an overall set with both fans

Take your choice whether you want to buy the Colour Bridge Fans in either a coated version, or in an uncoated version.

You can also order both and save money on your Pantone purchase.

Pantone Color Bridge SET - get both fans together (Coated & Uncoated) at a sharp price here


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