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PANTONE® Plastic Chips TCX + PMS

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Pantone Plastic Chip TCX

Pantone Plastic Chip colour chart is the most comprehensive tool for colour development, communication and production of plastic products.
The colour chart makes it possible to compare the colours across the Pantone systems, including Pantone Graphic, Pantone Fashion and Pantone Home & Interior. This means that you can be sure to have a consistent colour system across your materials. Each chip/color chart has a matt and a glossy side that has a stratified thickness and pigment formulation, which ensures color accuracy.

This Pantone Fashion + Home Plastic Standard Chip measures 4.05 x 7.5 cm.

Pantone Plastic Chip is available in all 2.310 colours from Pantone.

You can use this chip when you are in the process of selecting colors. By using this Pantone chip, you are ensured that the colour communication is under control.  


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