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Pantone Paper Traveler

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Pantone Paper Traveler - New product from Pantone - 2022

Designed for portable use, Pantone Paper Traveler is a new and practical colour measuring tool that resembles Pantone Passport. With 2,625 colours arranged by colour family in TPG references, Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors Paper Traveler is in a compact travel format that lets you explore the entire colour palette of all the Fashion, Home + Interiors colours on the go.


This is a must-have colour tool for anyone working with Pantone's Paper TPG colour system! Unfold the pages and get a full overview of the entire colour palette. Quickly zoom in on the colour family you are looking for and choose the colour that best suits your needs. 


The colours are produced using nitrocellulose lacquer which has been applied to paper, corresponding to the FHI Color Guide. Each colour is supported by digital data for fast processing and timely production. If you want roughly the same format, but with physical swatches in cotton, choose the Pantone Passport instead, which looks similar.



  • Single-colour paper colour reference in a folio-style portable format
  • Each page contains 70 TPG chips, attached to light-colored paper
  • Each colour can be isolated individually with the included white mask for more accurate colour evaluation
  • Accordion-style pages allow you to view 2,625 FHI colours at once (including the latest 315 colors)
  • Improved chromatic layout organises all 2,625 FHI colours by colour family
  • Chromatic format with index giving numerical position for each colour
  • Each colour is shown in TPG but corresponds to the same colour reference in TCX (Pantone Swatch Card - Cotton Standard)



  • Used for design of fashion accessories, home decor, home, and interior products
  • Used for colour inspiration, specifications, and spot checks on the go



  • 3 "(7.62 cm)
  • B.8 "(20.3 cm)
  • L 10 "(25.4 cm)


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