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Pantone Metallics Chips Book

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Pantone Metallic Chips Book

Pantone Metallics Chips Book

Pantone Metallic Chips Book from the graphic system from Pantone, gives you a complete collection of metallic colours in the form of a chip book on coated paper. You will get 655 metallic colours gathered in a book. The colours consist of the 300 Premium Metallic colours and the 301 metallic colours from the two previous books.

Per March 5 2019, Pantone has launched 54 new metallic colours including a rose gold base ink, that are also included in this book. In total, you will therefore get 655 metallic colors that are ideal or printing, packaging, marketing materials, logos and branding gathered in one book instead of two books.

In the Metallic Chips Book, you will get economic and quality colours that are easy to use, to specify and to intensify, so you can obtain luxurious and dynamic results for your products.
Overall, it is a complete book with metallic colors for the graphic designer.

It is possible to order replacement pages for this Metallic Chips Book when you want to refill your colours.  

Pantone Metallic Chips Book contains:

  • A complete collection of metallic colours
  • 301 traditional Metallics
  • 354 Packaging Metallics (the previous Premium Metallics) including the 54 new metallic colours
  • A five-digit Pantone reference
  • Six removable chips of each colour
  • Chromatically arranged colours

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