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Pantone Fashion + Home Replacement Pages TPG

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Pantone Fashion + Home Replacement Pages TPG

Pantone Fashion + Home Replacement Pages TPG consists of extra pages for Pantone Fashion + Home Specifier. These extra pages are for the books that have been released in 2015 and thereafter.

If you attempt to replace pages from an older book, the page numbers will not match, and you will not get the page that you expected. If you have an older Pantone book, you can use the Pantone Colour Finder to find the correct replacement page of the specific colour that you want to refill.  

The pages are available in all 2625 colours from Pantone Fashion, Home & Interior. The replacement pages are a manageable way of refilling the colours that you are using the most in your Color Specifier & Guide Set.

TPG (Textile Paper – Green) indicates the latest development of the FHI product line. Pantone has removed all lead and corrosion-resistant content from the TPX products, so it is possible to offer you a more environmentally acceptable product.

To order a replacement page for the books from Pantone, please add the number of pages you would like to your basket and send an email to: [email protected]. In the email you can write the Pantone code for the replacement pages that you need, so we can send you the correct replacement pages.


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