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Pantone Fashion + Home Paper Set TPG

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Pantone Fashion + Home Paper Set TPG

This set consists of paper fans and ring binders.
Together these products form a god basis for the purchase and design process.

The textile system from Pantone contains 2625 colours and has a chromatical structure. It is the perfect working tool for designers, purchasers, manufacturers and retailers.

Each color has a six-digit Pantone number and the colour name in English.
The colours are printed on paper and the format of the fans makes them extremely practical for traveling, suppliers’ visits, trade shows etc.

It is an indispensable tool for everyone who works with colours. This paper set contains two ring binders with 2625 colours that are printed on paper. The colours are visually divided. Each side contains seven colours and six chips of each color. It is possible to remove the colours from the ring binders. This makes the ring binders a good working tool for developing products, as it is possible to combine colours and send colours to suppliers etc. On each chip there is a Pantone number.
It is also possible to buy replacement pages for this system if you run out of some of the colours.

The TPG system was released 1 October 2015 and it is a new and more environmentally correct paper system.
Therefore, the TPG system has taken over the TPX system. The colours and codes are the same as in the TPX system and can be used in cooperation with the pervious products.  The compounding of the colour has changed, which is why the letter has changed from “X” to “G”, which stands for “green”.


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