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Pantone Library Fashion + Home Cotton Swatch TCX

In stock

Pantone library Fashion + Home Cotton Swatch Library - Always in stock at pej gruppen!

The Cotton Swatch Library provides the complete collection of Fashion, Home + Interiors (FHI) Colors on cotton in the largest removable swatch size.

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Pantone Fashion + Home Swatch Library contains all 2625 textile colours (TCX)

This is the biggest textile system from Pantone. Pantone Fashion + Home Swatch Library consists of 7 x Pantone ring binders that are delivered with a practical table display.

All colours in the Pantone library are dyed on cotton and each colour sample measures 5 x 5 cm. The cotton fabric is double folded and after that loosely mounted on a piece of cardboard. This makes it possible to fold the fabric, so that you obtain the greatest possible colour thickness of the fabric.

All colour samples have a clear specification of the Pantone numbers and color names. The colours are loosely mounted onto the folders and are therefore removable. This gives you a great flexibility in your working process.

Pantone Fashion + Home Swatch Library is the ideal color system from Pantone, which is for everyone who works with textiles. Pantone Swatch Library is the optimal tool for designers in connection with the color selection. The colour samples can be removed from the folder, matched and combined, so that you can find the exact shade. When your new products arrive from the production and the colours must be checked, it is easy, quick and cheap to compare a sample with the original Pantone colour. 

A colour index will also be enclosed, with a specification of the folder, page and row of each color, so you can easily find a specific colour.


We only have two Cotton color libraries left in stock at pej gruppen, and we will ship the Pantone library as soon as payment is received. If you have any question or if you need further information, fell free to contact us at tel.: +45 9711 8900 or send an email to: [email protected].