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Pantone Fashion + Home Cotton Chip Set TCX

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Pantone Fashion + Home Cotton Chip Set TCX with 2625 colours

We have several Pantone Chip Set in stock, and can therefore deliver this Pantone system in a few days

› Right now we offer that you get a free coloring book pej color AW 22/23 (value EUR 335) with the purchase


This is the latest edition from Pantone Fashion + Home Cotton Chip Set. It contains 2625 colours. In thise colour books, all Pantone colours (TCX) are removable from the book, which gives you the opportunity to choose and combine the colors as you wish.

When you purchase this Pantone system you will, free of charge, receive a pej colour trendbook of your choice, which is worth EUR 300,- Wirte your choice of pej colour in the comment box in check out. 

Read more about pej colour right here. 

Pantone Fashion + Home Cotton Chip Set TCX is a practical working tool for designers, purchasers and creatives who need a secure color choice and colour communication.

Pantone Fashion + Home Cotton Chip Set contains:

  • 2625 colours
  • Colours that are dyed on cotton (TCX)
  • Removable chips of all colours
  • Three practical ring binders
  • A clear index of all 2625 colours
  • Colour samples that measure 2.5 x 2.5 cm