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Pantone Fashion + Home Color Guide TPG

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Pantone Fashion + Home Color Guide TPG

Pantone Fashion + Home is a colour system that has been developed for everyone, who works with textiles and colours. It is made for everyone who works within the fashion industry, interior industry or furnishing fabrics.
The textile system contains 2625 colours and has a chromatically structure. It is therefore a perfect working tool for designers, purchasers, dyeworks, manufacturers and retailers.

Pantone Fashion + Home Color Guide contains:

  • Two compact and handy colour fans
  • All 2625 colours printed on paper
  • A six-digit TPG Pantone number and color name on the fans for a greater communication in you company and supply chain.
  • A special quality of the paper so that it is possible to obtain the original cotton color.

The format of the fans makes them extremely practical for traveling, supplier visits, trade shows etc.

It is a very useful and time-saving working tool for everyone who needs to communicate the colours easily, quickly and safely.

The series from Pantone Fashion + Home consist of products that are printed on cotton and paper. The cotton edition makes it possible for you to see, how a colour looks like on textiles (TCX), when it is necessary for you. The paper edition makes it possible for you to see, how the colours looks like on paper (TPG) for situations, where a recommended reference is good enough.

The TPG system was released the 1. October 2015, and is a new and more environmentally correct paper system. The TPG system has therefore taken over the TPX system. The colours and codes are the same as in the TPX system and can be used in co-operation with the pervious products.  The compounding of the colour has changed, which is why the letter have changed from “X” to “G”, which stands for “green”.


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